Monday, February 10, 2014

Color Course - Basic Grey

Is your closet a sea of black, white, navy and grey? Do you tend to stick to neutrals because you are a little afraid of color and not quite sure how to implement it into your wardrobe? Today I am going to push you out of your comfort zone and expand your color pallette beyond your basic grey!

Most women who shy away from color tend to always think of black when they think of grey. They add a black scarf, black jewelry, black shoes, black handbag and play it safe. The easiest (and not too scary) way of updating your look is just by adding one color accessory. Just one! It will completely change your look but you'll still feel comfortable if adding color is new to you. It doesn't matter what color it is or what accessory it is, just pick out something you love and swap it out with one of your black pieces and you'll instantly change your look. 

If you love color and are used to wearing it, maybe there are some colors that you haven't thought of pairing with grey and need some new ideas. Some of my favorites are pictured above. I also love to pair a colorful print with grey and then one other solid color accessory. Because grey is a neutral, there are so many colors and prints that you can wear with it and color looks good on any age!

By adding one pop of color you will go from looking drab to fab! It will brighten up your look and get you used to seeing yourself in color without taking a huge leap and looking like a box of crayons! Are you willing to try it and if so, what color do you plan on trying? If you usually wear color, what colors do you like to pair with grey?


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