Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Navy and White Stripes

I posted this picture on Instagram last week and since then have had multiple conversations with different people about what to wear with navy and white stripes. So I thought I would do a quick follow up blog post about it and hopefully answer some questions that you may have or give you some ideas.

If you have done any shopping lately you may have noticed that there is a lot of nautical themed clothes out there this season, which includes navy and white stripes. This classic look has been around for a long time and is nothing new but pairing it with a lot of color or other patterns is and that seems to be the problem that a lot of people are having. If you think of navy and white stripes as a neutral it will easily take the guessing game out of what colors to wear with it. 


Photos via Pinterest

Neons are a big trend right now and I love to pair the muted tones of navy and white with a neon pink, orange or yellow. I also love coral and shades of green paired with it like emerald green and even some blues like cobalt, turquoise or aqua with certain looks. You can also mix it with other patterns so don't be afraid to give that a try! If you are wearing a navy and white striped shirt brighten it up with a bold colored necklace, belt, jeans or shoes. If you are wearing a navy and white striped dress pair it with a bright colored blazer, necklace, shoes or clutch. The possibilities are truly endless. 

I know that some of you are not into (or comfortable) with wearing stripes and even though you can and should give it a try, there are other ways to incorporate stripes into your look without "wearing" them. There are plenty of accessories to choose from! I love a good navy and white striped shoe and mine has become a staple. When you are wearing solid colored clothes add some patterns with your accessories to help break up the look. Whether it is your shoes, your handbag, your belt or a scarf, it will instantly change your look.

I hope that helps you and encourages you to get out there and buy some navy and white stripes! Play around with different colors and patterns until you find looks that you love. What colors do you like to wear with navy and white stripes or what colors do you want to try?


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